Thursday, April 25, 2013


Graduation is a funny thing.

one day you're a student, and the next you're not!
someone decided you've been a student for long enough, and to celebrate your hard work you may now wear a silly outfit and accept your piece of paper that says you have completed school and earned a degree.

It is pretty crazy, and pretty great.

Today marks one year since i graduated from BYU!

Graduating is so surreal, but oh so exciting!
(definitely worthy of a victory jump)

Aside from knowing you will never have to go through midterms, finals, or late night homework-ing ever again, the very best part of Graduating is sharing it with the people you love. I felt so supported last year, and it made this event even sweeter.

My family (and then boyfriend) made the 10 hour drive, and sat through hours of graduation ceremonies over 2 days just to see me walk across the stage!

my dear friend Shelb left all her finals and end of semester work in Logan, and drove down to Provo for me!

 and my dear friend Mads dropped packing, moving, wedding prep and everything else to show her support and share her very wedding weekend with me

now those are true friends people!! i felt so loved and accomplished, and really appreciated the concerted effort my friends and family made to support me. thanks again!

now this year it is time for those dear friends, mads and shelbs, to graduate! As Miss Shelby McKell earns her degrees in Accounting and Marketing from Utah State University and Mrs Madeline earns her degree in French Studies from Brigham Young University, I am wishing so badly I could be there to show the same love and support they showed to me. I am so so proud and excited for you two, and want you to know that you are the reasons that i absolutely loved college. now i know why everyone told me i would make my very best, life-long friends in those 4 years- because i sure did!!

So Happy Graduation, Mad and Shelb! what a crazy and great day in the life.

Sure Love Ya!!

(also.... this happened the night of graduation, at Madsie's reception. too good. it's a true sign! ;)


  1. yay a new post! haha. how fun is it to know you never have to go back?! I'm glad you had such good friends and family for support :)

  2. yay for graduation and post grad life ;) haha! love you!