Wednesday, January 21, 2015


With the start of the new year I have done plenty of reminiscing on 2014, and it just may have been the best year yet. I often wish time would stand still - but somehow, as time goes on life seems to get better and better.
 Here's to remembering 2014:


Our first Mitchell visitors! LOVED having our cute niece and nephews out here

Then the most heartbreaking event, Nancy's passing (just weeks after her shocking diagnosis). So thankful for her impact and that both Robbie and I could make it home for her funeral.


Robbie turns 24!
and he surprised me with a belated Valentines date to The Lion King


Shelby's Spring Break= a week of Island adventures!

& Robbie finished off a great Junior season


Post Basketball Season means way more time for adventuring!
 We did two new hikes that have become favorites


Two rounds of the cutest visitors- Uncle Ryan & Aunt Jen, then Erik & Michelle!!
Loved having them here!!


We kicked off summer break in style with Mads & Andrew!! Ultimate double date week in paradise

Then Robbie took off for an International Basketball Tourney in Korea!

And I headed home to Kennewick for some family time


I had the best 4th of July weekend in Utah

and after 3 long weeks, finally reunited with Robbie.. in CHINA!


The most incredible 3 weeks in Australia!

then back home to Hawaii just in time for our Anniversary. The best 2 years!
a double rainbow on our second anniversary!! must be good luck


Because Robbie is the best… surprise trip to Kauai! Celebrating Labor Day & 2 years of marriage

& then it was back to School/work! (with plenty of beach days of course) Loved having Lisa in town!


Kyle & Bridget come to the island! I have now had all of my family come visit

and a Happy Halloween from the Mitchells Mouse!


Shelb visits again! And we went scuba diving. So awesome

& my parents & sisters (&grandparents&cousins!) came out for the Happiest Hawaiian Thanksgiving!


I turned 25.. yikes! Robb was in Alaska so we celebrated with sunflowers before & pazookies after

then took a Basketball/ Christmas trip to the Big Island with the married teammates! So much fun

We got home Christmas Eve and had the rest of the year free from school/ work/ basketball games. Best Christmas break Ever!!! Perfect ending to the greatest year. I don't know how we'll top it, but I'm excited to try!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


This Summer was one to remember. Between the two of us, Robbie and I hit 4 countries in 2 months!! (not including the 2 more where we had layovers!) After months of anticipation, our trips came and went; now it almost seems like a dream. It is amazing to me how one little blue book can open your world and change your life! I came across this quote in the Spring, and it rings true to me now more than ever: 
Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.
 It would have been easy for us to wait until we were older and more financially stable to travel. I could have stayed home and worked while Robbie went. We could have saved a lot of money- but would have missed way more experiences. Now we're back to the daily grind, and I often think about our trips. So many treasured memories. I may be short a few dollars, (or quite a few) but travel has made my life so much more rich

[here's to hoping i find time to blog about it]

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Birthday Boy

Happy 24th Birthday to my Robbie Jordan!! He is an amazing person and I love him more than I could ever say. With valentines and his bday and the fact that he's been out of town for a week, I kept finding myself looking through old pictures of us and my favorite pictures of him. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are 24 pictures to celebrate 24 years of my favorite boy.

They just don't come any cuter, am i right?!
Being married to your best friend is the greatest blessing, especially when your best friend happens to be this guy. How lucky am I to have known him for more than 8 of these last 24 years.
Happy Birthday Robb, can't wait for many more to come! I love you!
Now hurry home!